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Membership of The In­stitute of Risk Manage­ment – IRM(K), gives you a risk management profession’s voice, globally recog­nized authority, acknowledged lead­er, principle advocate, and leading educator.

IRM is the only risk management membership institute regional­ly, committed to empowering risk management professionals. We give you a platform to raise important risk management issues and em­power you to drive a positive change in industry risk culture.

IRM is affiliated to International Risk Management Organisations and uses International Risk Man­agement Standards and Frame­works in all our professional un­dertakings.

We have partnered with all the major regional professional bod­ies and institutions.

We are raising the profile and increasing demand risk management professionals among key stakeholders, Nation­ally and Regionally by:

  • Promoting the value of risk management to key stake­holders
  • Connecting members across the world to share best prac­tices and real world risk man­agement solutions
  • Assisting members in their professional development with essential training and certification
  • Helping you earn credibility and respect in the field of risk management
  • Improving your risk manage­ment skills and knowledge
  • Ensuring you remain in­formed of the latest profes­sional news, trends, and is­sues that will impact on your risk management work
  • Advocating for the risk man­agement profession

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Benefits of being an IRM member

IRM membership will allow you and your organisation to be part of the risk management revolution by de­livering benefits to your organisa­tion to ensure you are building best practice and driving positive impact. A partnership with us will also sup­port your organisation and all risk management staff by:

Raising professional risk management standards

Raising professional risk management standards through the IRM Code of Conduct, and Continuous Training

Connect with each other through networking

Allow organisations and employees to connect with each other through networking events and specialist groups

Access over 250 eBooks

Access over 250 eBooks, industry reports, blogs, podcasts and video information

Access to CPD tools and resources

Access to CPD tools and resources to grow and develop employees

Risk Management mentoring

Risk Management mentoring scheme to support career development

Earn credibility and respect

Helping you earn credibility and respect in the field of risk management

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