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Membership Criteria

Membership of The Institute of Risk Management – IRM (K), is developed to help members master risk management skills and work closely with the institute and their organizations to professionalize risk management services.

We are the custodians of Risk Management in the country, providing a platform to connect like-minded professionals whilst representing the interests of the profession. In the pursuit of creating a professional career path for Risk Professionals, IRM has developed 3 membership criteria:

  • Fellow Membership
  • Professional Membership
  • Associate Members
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Starting with your top 3 highest qualification, give full details of your education and training
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Clearly indicate your contribution in the following core critical competences of risk management practice

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Managing Risks:
Other Areas:
Reporting Risks:

Kindly give the names and address of TWO persons, not relatives, to act as your referees for providing information about you. The referees must be able to support this application by actual knowledge of your responsibilities, ability and general character.

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I declare that the statements made herein are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I agree to be bounded by the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) rules and regulations, Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics, as they currently exist and as they may hereafter be altered.

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