“The ratio of We’s to I’s is the best indicator of the development of a team.”

The Institute of Risk Management continues foe close collaboration with key stakeholders by sharing relevant information and resources in an accountable process that assures that the whole of our collaborative efforts is greater than the sum of the parts. Key stakeholders include:

  • Alumni
  • Business partners
  • Donors
  • Conference hosts
  • Partner academic institutions
  • Suppliers and local communities

“Politeness is the poison of collaboration.”

Ready for a collaboration?

    Key stakeholders


    The Institutes alumni community is made up of all certificate and diploma graduates regionally, as well as other individuals that have links to the institution, such as former and current staff, donors and other supporters, all with a special connection to the Institute. We aim to encourage an
    active three-way communication; from the Institute to alumni; alumni to the Institute; and alumni to alumni, which is and will be beneficial for all involved

    Business Partners

    The Institute will play a distinctive role in the development, application and exchange of knowledge resulting in our risk management research programmes thereby making a major contribution to solving real risk management problems for business and society. We will therefore maintain
    an active interaction and participation with the business community through membership and active participation.


    The Institute’s impact will be made possible by those who will support us through philanthropic giving. Their partnership with us will make them an
    important and valued part of the Institute’s community, aiding us in fulfilling both our risk management responsibilities and ambitions with society and the environment, and demonstrating real commitment to future generation of risk professionals

    Partner Academic Institutions

    The Institute will also work with people and organisations on many different risk management projects. We will forge some relationships to help prospective students make informed choices about studying a course in risk management, to mutually benefit our research and risk management activities. Other partnerships with academic Institutions will be necessary to help the Institute’s students experience other parts of the region and world or to make higher education in risk management accessible across our region through our partner academic institution network

    Suppliers and local communities

    We continue to seek partnership and collaboration with organizations in public and private sectors to strengthen the practice and adoption of enterprise wide risk management. Currently we are working with more than ten like-minded professional bodies locally and abroad on various program that will ensure that competencies needed in major sectors of our economy are guaranteed through our training and education activities.
    Already, The Institute has signed a memorandum of understanding with Athi Water Services Board (water Sector) and a number of other organizations are being finalized

    Conference hosts

    We will closely collaborate with conference venue and facility owners in order to obtain excellent value for money and expert services.

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