Ecological Nation Theory: Not a Theory, But an Evolving Reality

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The ever-evolving internet civilization has been opening up a whole new world for human beings since the early days of the internet. Communication technologies like instant messaging apps and chat rooms, and now the social media have brought convenience and immediacy in not just the way people communicate, but also how they interact with one another regardless of their orientations and backgrounds.

With these technologies, geographical boundaries have slowly collapsed over the years – transforming the world into a small global village where you can talk with each other any time, anyhow, regardless of where you are located on the planet.

This virtual communication space occasioned by the social media and today’s advanced communication technology has given rise to virtual communities of people who do not necessarily have any leaning or creed in common. But then it’s in human nature to want to find a common ground and co-exist when they, of different backgrounds, come together (online). This often breeds the creation of new cultures – what we now know as globalization.

A new nation – ecological nation

People’s online space is increasingly diverse, just like an ecological nation. After studying the world history of economic and technological developments over the years, chairman of Puhua Commercial Group and founder of Beijing’s Sino-Balance Business School Zhai Shanying has proposed the Theory of Ecological Nation which provides a real-time, theoretical roadmap for humans’ economic development into the next 50 to 100 years.

Shanying believes that human development has taken a significant shift towards the internet, which has begun to occupy a dominant position in human lives. He postulates that nations can be founded in the internet where people’s spiritual needs get satisfied just like in the real world of human beings. Once founded, Mr. Zhai Shanying sees this ‘ecological nation’ or ‘virtual kingdom’ as being a new source of economic growth that drives considerable investments and creates a new branded market.

While Zhai Shanying’s Ecological Nation Theory is still apparently in its wishful thinking stage, there is all indication that the suppositions in this theory are actually already existing realities. The globalized nature of the World Wide Web has already allowed for interactions and transactions that portray Shanying’s ideas of ‘virtual kingdoms’ in every way.

Video games: embodying the idea of utopia and virtual kingdoms

The Ecological Nation Theory posits a virtual setup that “enables the mankind to find their ideal state and utopia”. With video games such as Second Life and Star Wars: The Old Republic; which allow players to take-up characters that they best relate to, financial and political statures that they admire, as well as spiritual positions that satisfy and influence their behavior within the virtual world of the game – Zhai Shanying’s ideal state and utopia isn’t far from already existing in today’s digital age.

Such video games embody the very framework proposed in the Ecological Nation Theory. The various players maintain an online life within a virtual space, in the very fashion as presupposes Mr. Shanying’s theory.

Online shopping and booking services are free from conventional market forces

If you want to hail a taxi, order food or buy a birthday gift, you can do it online today. There is practically an app or online platform for every transaction you want to complete today. To pick just one aspect of the Ecological Nation Theory, online based transportation charges across the world are managed by technological estimates and calculations that are free from the conventional market forces. Such are the notions that Puhua Commercial Group Chairman Zhai Shanying conceive as elements of the ecological nation theory.

Marketing online is the order of the day today

The ecological nation theory is championing for the coming together of enterprises to market their merchandise online, run promotions and marketing campaigns on the internet with an aim to sell their products or services to the customers in the internet world.

The matter of fact is, substantial investments are already made online with the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google leading the pack. Practically every business today is running some form of promotion online, whether through social media marketing (SMM) Pay per click advertising or some other form of promotion including search engine marketing (SEM).

Cloud computing presents revolutionary new virtual offices and classrooms

One other technology that has revolutionized the modern workforce is the cloud, with platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and enabling people to take their work into the cloud and be able to work remotely and team up with people from far-apart regions of the world within a virtual environment. Because of the same technology, anyone can take a whole course online without ever attending a physical classroom.

Online banking services are becoming the go-to alternative

Online payment systems like the de facto front-runner in electronic payments PayPal, China’s Alipay, US’s Payoneer and Amazon Pay are leading the electronic payments revolution and taking over from traditional paper methods like cheques and money orders. The global ones such as PayPal are already making it a breeze to transact, make payments and transfer money to virtually any part of the world – just as Shanying hypothesizes in the Ecological Nation Theory.

Blockchain to peak the shift into a fully online life

Whichever way you look at the Ecological Nation Theory, it is apparent that Blockchain plays a key role toward its full actualization.

The world is already a global village with people living their day to day lives on the internet. With full realization and global adoption of the blockchain technology, globalization will reach a whole new level.

The innovative technology has the potential to create reliable verification systems along with helping to secure and maintain transparent data storage. Blockchain technology introduces limitless other possibilities that have never before been even imaginable – including being used to help maintain legal records, cut healthcare administrative costs, develop secure voting systems, and more.

More importantly, since with blockchain comes cryptocurrency, it promises to complete the shift of humanity to a completely online life by introducing the one missing piece left to complete this shift from traditional life: a digital currency.

China’s stand a double-edged sword?

While Blockchain technology plays an obviously enormous role in the development of the ‘ecological nation’, China’s ‘Blockchain before Bitcoin’ stance threatens the development of cryptocurrency which represents the very peak of evolution of money.

However, with the Chinese government-controlled broadcaster CCTV endorsing blockchain, China’s central bank developing the country’s own centralized digital currency to replace paper checks with blockchain checks, Chinese President Xi Jinping indorsing blockchain as a part of the country’s technological revolution, China’s technology conglomerate Alibaba pursuing new logistics with DLT, and well over 200 patents already filed and registered – the future of Blockchain is definitely bright in China, making Shanying’s ecological nation far from distant.

Wrap up

While Mr. Zhai Chanying envisions his ecological nation theory to better guide China’s global venturing efforts in the future areas of Blockchain and promote the margins of enterprises within the country, the realm of an ecological nation is certainly not limited to China alone. There’s every indication that the Ecological Nation is the inevitable new era for humanity worldwide. There are however noticeable drawbacks to deal with along the way. If this theory is to come to full fruition, Puhua Commercial Group must be keen to establish effective theoretical navigations for such stumbling blocks.

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